A crazy, simple idea

A crazy, simple idea

When the pitcher rinser star in our coffee bar stripped out to the point of being useless and the grooves in the arms wore smooth, I thought improving it a bit made sense.  Not just to avoid the hassle of getting a new one, but to see if a re-design might actually work better.

The result was a device we simply called “Wobble.”  Because that’s what it did


Snug enough to stay put, enough play to pivot on the water valve and a rubber washer to ensure it will last, it simply worked better.  The walls of the steam pitcher were cleaner, particularly around the pour spout.  The pivot action helped with larger pitchers that couldn’t be slid from side to side on the plate.

The pivot action directs the spray into the corners and broadens the effectiveness of the jets.

We are currently machining these from solid ABS plastic to ensure its food grade compliant, dishwasher safe and ridiculously durable.

These will hit the market shortly for about $25.