Profile 83 Grinder


Open 360 Degree Viewer

Analogue Profile 83
Profiling Cloud Connected Conical Grinder

This is the working prototype of the Profile 83

 _Self Calibrating Conical 83mm Mills
_Variable Speed, Torque Sensing DC Motor
_Touch Sensitive Display
_Automatic Device Type Sensing
_Auto Adjusts for the desired grind
_Integrated 3kg Scale
_Soft Start Motor, different speed settings for each varietal
_Real Time Data Reporting
_Cloud Push Programmable
_Complete Bean Removal with Hopper in Place

Link to Published Patent Application

We have been working on this a long time.  It’s a complicated endeavor.  The burr carriers use 110mm sealed bearings (2) permanently mounted into a milled aluminum head to dissipate heat.  Even the cooling fins have a purpose. The dedicated loop feedback servo motors to adjust the grind were a later addition to the design, but it allowed us to incorporate self-calibrating technology into the system.  This means that when a roaster has a particular grind setting in mind, they can push the settings to their clients and be assured they will all be the same.

It even spins in reverse to clear and adjust the mills without obstructions.



The grinder is capable of handling any kind of coffee for any application and the output assemblies are currently printed in carbon fiber.  Final revisions for the circuit boards are underway now.

We are looking for manufacturing partners to finalize the design and take this to market.